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How To: Replace Timing Chain 2.2L

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Thanks to Blaine.:.North for the How To:

Here it is! it will be done on my 1996 s10 2.2l reg. cab short box 2x4 with 153k. I know it needed it so needless to say i did it lol I know this isnt a how to but it shows what you will be facing. I did run into some snags but i had my dad there to help me out the whole way. I know every one needs/wants to do it but wants to see pic.s and A LOT of them so i took a good amount to show some things. hope you like it!

the parts i used
  • timing chain
  • timing sprockets (2)
  • chain tensioner
  • shaft seal
  • cover gasket
  • silicone (blue stuff)
all of it was bought from napa for about $115 out the door.(everything) so on with the pics since i know that's why you are looking at this!

my ride feel free to complement a 11 year old stock DD. i made that push bar and im making a new big warn bumper(a big one) this year in shop class at Blaine High

remember daily driver lol

start by undoing the air filter housing hose that goes to the shroud with a flat head. basic lol

dont for get to unclip the sensor on the bottom of this hose.

yet again undo this one as well but no sensors

then you have something like this. I went mudding 6 months ago and i really wish i wouldn't have. I did go through more mudd then my buddies 2001 blazer with 4x4 and i was balls deep. good thing for my good tires that i suggest getting if you are DD looking for some new rubber Firestone Discovery A/T

un screw these four screws to remove the fan shroud

getting there. you should be looking like this. hopefull cleaner thought lol

Disconnect the over flow hose for the coolant. Don't damage clips

to remove the bottom of the fan shroud use a flat head to push between the tab and the fan shroud wall to release the push-in clip(from the top side of engine bay). its undone here already to show you what it looks like. (middle of pic.)then it should be loose and then take it up around the fan

looking good, pretty easy ehh? lol

Just loosen these four nuts around the fan clutch/ pully. ONLY LOOSEN KEEP BELT ON TELL I TELL YOU TO TAKE IT OFF!

so now you can *loosen* the water pump pulley bolts (on right side middle) then you can take off the belt.

behind fan pulley

then take off the water pump pulley. NOTE: If you ever need to replace the WPP this is how you would get to it.

take the serpentine belt tensioner off with these three* bolts sorry for the shaky hands lol


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Old 04-08-2009, 01:23 AM   #2
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Don't forget to take this lil guy out. its the oil filter drain pan screw.

You should be here by now

This would be the cover for your *timing chain* for the big pulley use a screw driver to wedge up against the bottom right corner of the cover that has a 90 angle and unscrew the bolts. I did the out side three then the middle one.

You should be looking at something like this

You will need some kind off puller like this. Pull the thing out and its actually on the end of this puller. The puller threads into the outer three bolt holes then you twist and ta da its out. its takes awhile to get it out.

You should be able to see the round seal or shaft seal that you will be replacing. if you have to run to the auto store you can buy a seal puller or just use a good old sreew driver and a hammer. (like me)

Take out all bolts holding the front cover on.


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DON'T FORGET THESE NUTS! lol they are at the bottom of both corners of the cover underneatho.(rsry about the sec. pic. the nut is 2/3 to the right and 1/2 way down behind the line runing left to right in pic. for the bottom pic above)

To take to cover off...pull it free of the seal. Losen both studs on the bottom corners..then pull them up evenly or the right then the left side. It took me about 30min. to get it but i didn't have a clue of how to go about the best way. Basically just get the pain in the a$$ out of there. I had to undo the two blots on the right of the alternator, the one on the back and the one in the front. (both the right ones all the way out) then loosen* the left front one to just swing it out of the way.

Just a pic of what it looks like if you want to know. I knew every one wants to just see it so here you go guys look at it like the new mag. in the mail jk

So now pull the big sprocket of with "two large flat head screw drivers" as the Chilton manual says lol got to love it.

Some pics of the orifice every one wants to replace but no one can find. sorry again for the shaking hands

Now take off the chain tensioner and use a pulley puller to remove the smaller sprocket. Then before moving on, push some towels into the oil pan opening to make sure nothing big gets in there or hopfully nothing at all if posible

If you ever see a truck like this always backed up in a garage every weekend in Blaine Mn its most likely me lol jk but its always in there, not because anything broke but because i work to get money and i spend it on my pride and joy lol my anti drug if you want to say:rotf:

where you should be.

Time to clean the cover off with gas and a metal or hard like brush then clean and rinse with dawn dish soap or what every you prefer. by the way this is my inspiration to life, my dad. Look at the trooper just clean that baby right up! lol

So now you have to clean all the old sylicone off and all the places where you see build up that need to be cleaned.I used my finger nails alot but i used a utility knife to get the big stuff, just watch you oil pan so nothing drops in there. re-asemble and injoy your new timing parts!

here is some pic.s of the wear on my old tentioner.

the groved or unlevel spots are where the chain wore it down.

my dad said it was def. worn but not to the point of desperate need of atention. he did say its better to change it now then when you are rushed and have to change it out of the blue.

I bleed for my truck. i was pulling a pry bar out and i couldint get it so my dad says ' what, you cant pull it out?" so i pulled really hard, the bar gave then hite the power stearing/frame, slide between my palm and then my thumb first into the frame and it was a gusher lol it hurt like hell! i was half way done and it suck when my blood pressure raised and it would throb and have sharp pains but it was woth it!

I'm glad that i did it and i hope this has been helpful to all that have viewed this. feel free to help others with questions about anything related. i will try to keep up, but I'm maxed out at work and I'm in high school so you know where I'm at if I'm not caught up on here so help each other when I'm not around please lol. comments for the first person (me) to show how to do this would be very nice lol jk if you want. and you are welcome.


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