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How To: Replace the NSBU switch

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This how to is to instruct you on replacing the NSBU switch.

Gather the following tools:

13mm deepwall 6 pt socket
15mm 6pt wrench (mine's the "gear wrench" variety)
6 inch extension
3/8" ratchet
small file
  1. Put the transmission in neutral.
  2. Disconnect NSBU wiring harness.

    NOTE: It has been suggested to take a hair dryer to warm up the connection to warm them up.

  3. Disconnect the shift linkage/cable from the shift lever at the transmission. With a wrench keeping the shifter from rotating out of did put the transmission in neutral right?, remove the nut from the end of the selector shaft. Carefully remove the selector lever from the selector shaft.
  4. Remove the 2 bolts that attach the NSBU switch (the front driveshaft will get in the way a bit but you should be able to access the bolt with the socket) and pull off the old NSBU switch. There'll be some resistance when you pull it off. I had quite a bit of crap behind the switch (small rocks, dirt, etc.)
  5. If for some reason that the transmission is not in neutral, use a wrench on the selector shaft flats and rotate the shaft to its furthest clockwise position and then rotate counter-clockwise two detents.
  6. Take a file and touch up the selector shaft at the end near the flats...there may be some burrs that could create some slop if the new NSBU switch is slid over the shaft without filing.
  7. Slide the new NSBU switch over the selector shaft. The metal clip (neutral assurance bracket) on the switch helps to ensure the switch is properly aligned to the shaft. For the geeks out there, the bolts should be tightened to 18-21 lb ft. Now it's ok to remove the metal clip from the NSBU housing.
  8. Slid the black splash shield onto the NSBU switch so that it fits securely against the switch. Do this BEFORE re-installing the shift lever.
  9. Re-install the shift level. Again, I used an adjustable wrench on the shift lever while tightening the nut on the end of the selector shaft. Geek specs for the nut is 15-20 lb ft.
  10. Connect the wiring harness(es) back onto the NSBU switch.
  11. If you have any DIC codes as a result of a bad NSBU switch, you'll have to clear them.

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