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62 MPG CAFE? Bad Outweighs The Good

As most automakers are still scrambling to meet the 2016 Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) target of 35 mpg, efforts are already underway to set a...

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GM Cars Get Wireless IPhone Chargers

General Motors just announced that it was invested $5 million in Powermat, a company that makes wireless gadget chargers.

Since ...

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GM Official Sees Electric Pod As Urban Vehicle Of Future

When Christopher Borroni-Bird, director of General Motors’ EN-V program, envisions the cities of the future, he sees streets free of traffic congestio...

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Report: Pontiac G8 To Live On As Chevrolet Caprice

Calling the Pontiac G8 “Too good to waste,” GM’s new product boss, Bob Lutz, has just announced that the car will live on, rebadged as a Chevrolet Cap...

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Chevy Silverado Out-Sells Ford F-150 In June

ough economic times often bring about shifts in the marketplace and one such example can be found in the light-duty pickup truck market. In the month ...

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New GM Emerges From Bankruptcy

Today the sun rose on a New General Motors, a move which will also see the sun set on a lot of people’s careers. GM emerged from bankruptcy protection...

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GM Files For Bankruptcy

It's an end of an era for GM as the troubled automaker is forced into bankruptcy. GM is set to close nearly a dozen plants and cut more than 20,000 jo...


The Biodiesel Trident - 170 mph and get 60+mpg

Ok, so it isn’t flashy, just nice clean lines and a monster under the hood. It’s the new Trident Iceni, a two-seat sports car boasting a 6.6 litre V8 turbo diesel from GM that will launch you from 0 to 60 in 3.7 seconds.

Natural Gas: An Enticing Alternative

Volatile oil prices have been dominating the news lately, underscoring growing unease about the automobile’s heavy dependence on petroleum. As these concerns reverberate from Main Street to Wall Street, General Motors is working toward new solutions that will answer the growing demand for personal transportation in an affordable and sustainable way.

GM’s “Other” Plug-In: The Saturn Vue

With all of the excitement created by Bob Lutz’s first drive of the Chevrolet Volt test mule vehicle recently, some may have forgotten GM has another plug-in vehicle that is approved for production and progressing through early program development stages.

how-to: remove seat bolts in a 2nd generation s10

This is a fool proof way to remove seat bolts/seatbelt bolts(in the floor) in a 2nd generation s-10. Other gm trucks may use the same size torx bolt (i'm not sure) but the procedure will be the same

First,you will need the tools: My first choice is an oxy/acet. torch...now this may not be available to all so a propane torch may be substituted.

Suicide Doors 3 and 5 Link Install

Background Info: The Suicidedoors 3-link and 5-link kits are engineered specifically for all years of S-series pickups. They will not fit Blazers/Jimmys ect. The 3-link is a basic link setup, and once it's installed, you will need to supply and/or fabricate the rest of the suspension brackets (bags and shocks).

FYI 4L60E common problems / failures

Before guessing at transmission problems, check the fluid level (car warmed up, engine running in Park on level ground) and have the PCM scanned for trouble codes FIRST. This guide is meant for problems that do not show up as PCM codes (like shift A&B solenoid failures, for example).

BYC Upper Control Arm Install For an S-10

This How To will basically cover the install of a Barnyard Customs upper control arm for an s10. However many of the practices in this how-to are the same with other control arms from other manufactures so this may be a good reference point for you.

HOW TO: 98 S-series 2.2 Plugs and Wires

This how to will explain how to change your plugs and wires and do a little Rand R on them. It is pretty straight forward and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask in the thread linked.

Total time you will need to accomplish this task is - Approximately one to two hours

Skills are minimal and should be pretty straight forward.

What you will need need: is as follows -

3/8ths ratchet, 5/8ths plug socket, 6in+ extension, 3/8ths wobble, plug gapper, plug grease, 4 plugs (I used stock 41-948 delco's), set of wires

Eco-Driving 101 - Reducing Speed

This article is going to be part of a series on basic eco-driving techniques.

Clearly, reducing your speed is one of the simplest things you can do to increase fuel economy. Keep in mind I did not say it is the easiest thing to do. Speeding is easy and a simple thing to do. To reduce your speed and increase your mileage you just have to let off the pedal a little bit.

Tig Welding Metals of Different Thickness

In a perfect world every weld would be made with equal size material. Sometimes this is not the case. The following will explain how to weld metals of varying sizes together, properly.

First example:

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